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Usable outdoors Non-Slip Hanger 3pcs

Reduce labor time to fold laundry!

I use a rust resistant stainless steel hook.
It is a PVC coating to prevent slippage of clothes.
You can hang the laundry and hang it as it is dried.
Ideal for clothing you usually use such as shirts and inner.
This hanger helps a little washing effort every day.
The shoulder part is also rounded arch type, it is difficult for trace to stick to clothing.
Because it is a PVC coating hard to slip, clothes that are likely to slip can also be washed and stored securely.

  1. Material
  2. Body /Chrome plated iron, Non slip part/PVC,Hook/stainless steel
  3. Color
  4. Blue,White
Approx. size W395mm,H210mm,D5mm
JAN code Blue 4973228-078921